(Over) Heard in the Cafeteria

I am not making this up and I only include it as a reference to the previous entry. I went downstairs, not hungry for lunch today but craving for some Perrier with a slice of lemon. Yeah, I’m a snob, what of it?

One of the employees saw me and the following brief exchange ensued:

Her: Are you *mumble-mumble*?
Me: Pardon?
Her: Are you a model?
Me: No…
Her: Well you walk like one.

I just laughed a bit and said thanks. I’m still grinning about it because I’ve told Chris of another incident where a security guard told me I looked like I was off the page of a fashion magazine and he razzed me a little about it. Though for that incident, I blamed it on the coat I’d been wearing, it really is a fabulous coat. Good lines and always makes me look slimmer.

Also over the weekend, I gave into something I’ve been thinking about for a month now. It was good, and enjoyable, and I believe I’m going to spend a whole lot more time doing it… until the time cards run out. For good or bad, everyone has their opinions about it, but it seems that from time to time one must simply indulge oneself. 😉

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