My Baking Dish Overfloweth

1/20/08 18:56

I think I’ve found my new easy-bake potluck dish. I’ve never used Orzo in anything, a while back I saw Ina Garten prepare a shrimp and orzo dish so I bought it planning for that. More recently I found a lower calorie/lower fat recipe using the same elements and decided to make that instead. I was a bit more prepared this time and did some pre-chopping/mincing while watching a movie. Turns out that was a good thing since once this gets going, you really need to be ready to dump things in. Mainly because it uses barely a tablespoon of oil in the whole dish, so if the veggies aren’t sweating properly, you need to make sure you’re moving things around the pot before the liquid goes in.

It’s been a pretty quiet 3-day weekend otherwise, it’s really been too cold to head out for anything, so staying in was fine with me. I am kinda itching to get out to the mall as I’d like to look at new tv’s, I don’t know if I necessarily want to go bigger screen, but I do want flatscreen/hd-capable. I also need to hit Big Temptation (aka Apple Store) since my iPhone headphones are dying and I’m not ready to invest in a $100 premium pair just yet. Thankfully my gift cards are in no danger of expiring, but I do feel that I should treat myself.

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