George Clooney asks, “Why is nobody f**king me!?”

As much as it pains me to ever say that Jimmy Kimmel has talent, he really produced a winner.

Apparently a running joke on his show is that at the end of the program he bumps Matt Damon, saying that he doesn’t have any more time. Amidst the WGA strike, his girlfriend Sarah Silverman created the video “I’m F**king Matt Damon”, starring People Magazine’s 2007’s Sexiest Man Alive: Matt Damon. Hilarious stuff, truly.

Well Jimmy fired back, “You take something I love from me, you damn well bet I’m gonna take something you love from you.” He produced his own video which, I still can’t believe I’m saying this, totally blew Sarah’s out of the water, save that it was a me too video: “I’m F**king Ben Affleck” starring People Mag’s 2006’s Sexiest Man Alive and 2000’s & 1995’s Sexiest Man Alive, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt.

If you watch late night talk or peruse YouTube all day when you should be working, I’m sure you’ve seen both of them, but I only watched Jimmy’s this morning while getting ready for work and it cracked me up. When Josh Groban appeared, I just about lost it. Both are relatively safe for work, strategic bleeping is used, though I wish they’d release the uncensored versions just for the hell of it. If NBC can do it with D**k In A Box, why can’t ABC? 😀

Also, I didn’t know that Sarah Silverman was actually dating Jimmy Kimmel. Not a pairing I would have seen coming.

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