Calculated Pose of Cynical Detachment

A snippet from the express blog log this morning that made me laugh and I suspect Kris will enjoy it as well:

Speaking of cabbies, pulling up in a cab to a hipster dive bar is a major social faux pas. This was news to me. You see, hipsters have an image in their heads of what guys piling out of a cab on a Friday night look like — either Georgetown clones or A|X wearing K street club monsters — so when a cab pulls up to their favorite hole in the wall eyebrows are raised. Any hipster worth his calculated pose of cynical detachment would walk to his bar of choice since he authentically lives a few blocks from it. I’m pretty sure the doorman laughed out loud when he saw our cab.

— Roissy in DC: Things I’ve Learned

What really made me laugh was that express said automatically instead of authentically, but either one works.

Invocation of Summer
I tried a little invocation of Summer last night, since the day was just too nice outside. After work I hit Macy’s, walked for a bit outside, grabbed the bus to the Safeway and picked up cookout food. Jack made franks and beans the other night which started my craving, and the store had a sale on everything I wanted, so it’s clearly a sign. I used my grill pan to make them and while it isn’t the same as actual open flame, they did turn out tasty. I do understand the allure of microwaving hot dogs though, just over 1 minute unattended vs. 8 or so minutes turning and moving them around. Still, the taste was worth the wait. I know there’s rain in the forecast today but I’m hoping it chooses to come when I’m in the office or underground. I don’t have any post-work plans today, though I did see that Godiva has their cheesecake truffles out again… In any case another lovely day with the option to take a walk or something would be great. And maybe my cookout had an effect, the trees outside my office Starbucks are starting to bloom some lovely pink blossomy things. Or maybe that’s just their proximity to all that caffeine. 😆

Also, another day, another creepy recycling ad…

It makes me want to listen to “I Wanna Sex You Up” for some reason…

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2 Responses

  1. Gregory says:

    With those little carrot sticks, it *almost* looks healthy! ;D

  2. Brian says:

    I could have wrapped the hot dogs in bacon, but I don’t think that’s a vegetable either… or is it?

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