100% Acrylic…

Apologies to Meryn Cadell’s The Sweater Song, but it seemed appropriate. Also, I had no idea that Meryn had transitioned FtM. Of course he hasn’t released an album for about 10 years so I have kinda lost touch with his career. I may have to add his LJ to my reads to keep up.

It’s been quite the day today, interesting interpretations of reality by customers that don’t seem to understand the word no. Literally, we tell them we can’t do something and they reply “I don’t understand.” We aren’t being difficult, we do not possess the materials to perform the task. However “no” is not a response they are willing to accept. It’s kinda maddening.

So let’s look back to a simpler time, when all it took was a guy in a cardigan removing one shoe at a time to completely hypnotize me into an attentive, motionless lump on the sofa or the floor. March 20th is Sweater Day, part of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Days which are part of Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary celebration taking place this year. March 20th would have been Fred Rogers’ 80th birthday and they’ve released a video starring Mr. McFeely (David Newell) asking everyone everywhere to wear a sweater that day. It doesn’t have to be a cardigan, so long as its special to you.

I’ll be ready with my sweater that day. It’s also going to be the first day of Spring, so hopefully it truly will be a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I need to check Netflix to see if they ever released a Best of Mister Rogers dvd for rental. That might make for a nice way to meditate after a particularly trying day.

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2 Responses

  1. kar0na says:

    OMG, I have that entire album memorized. Every word. To this day I still have it on top play on my iPod. She is a he now? I really have to go look up the last 10 years.

  2. Brian says:

    His wikipedia and livejournal entries seem to confirm it, yes. And I still have those songs/monologues memorized as well. My favorite is still the one about the job application. 🙂

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