I don’t give a hoot about what you think

3,739,934 views so far, and I admit that quite a few of those were mine. I already love Weezer, but this video was truly inspired. Metaviral is the only word that really fits, I’m impressed that they were able to get the actual YouTube stars to appear and not use looky-likeys, especially Miss South Carolina. Kelly’s behind the scenes extra is great too. It’s not yet to the level of OK Go (to whom a nod was conspicuously missing) but it’s well on its way.

My place is as clean as it’s going to get for the visit. I’m pretty impressed with myself in that the section of the living around and in front of the couch doesn’t even look like it belongs in my apartment anymore. Unfortunately for the coffee table, I just slid everything into a paper bag which I’ll sort through later on, but that method has been working fairly well for me. I’ve done the same thing with old bills and paystubs and it’s easier to go through the bag at once, filing and shredding as I go.

I bought a copy of MacGourmet, which will help me get rid of the stacks of food magazines and newspaper clippings. It’s quite cool the way you can add new recipes right from a few sites’ webpages and others can easily be dragged in from the clipboard. I’ve tried the paper recipe notebook before and it never really worked out. With the new macbook, it’s much easier to cart it to the kitchen with me and read the info right off the screen. Though more of my items are still simple dishes, so it mostly helps me put a shopping list together and with its large print “chef view”, I can follow it from across the room.

I’m glad it cooled off today, my condo board hasn’t decided that it’s hot enough to turn on the building’s air conditioning, so I’m relying on moving air through the windows. Yesterday’s mid to high 80s did not feel good, but waking up to 60s this morning was a welcome change. We had some sprinkling of rain, but I hope all that will be gone before tonight’s concert. I’m playing a bit of shell game with meeting my cousin and getting her settled, then meeting my ride for Ben Folds, but I’m sure it will all turn out all right. The weekend can’t come too soon. It’s a short week, but it sure doesn’t feel like one!

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3 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    Love that video. 🙂

  2. pyack says:

    I promise i will never leave my air conditioning decision making to someone ever again. Our AC is supposed to have been on since May 15, but it’s not. I sympathize completely.

  3. Brian says:

    pyack: They haven’t even sent around word on this year’s AC situation. Honestly, the newly elected condo board sucks. They’re mostly non-responsive and have made some pretty piss poor decisions for the past year. Thankfully the temperature dipped back down as soon as it rose that my place was well cooled off enough, but I see some rough days ahead if they don’t make the switch soon.

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