Baseball, Cherry Blossoms, Parking Lots and Metro Delays

This Way to the Ballpark!

That would probably be the DC version of that old (and new) Chevrolet jingle. Clearly metro is ready, this cheesy (marshmallowy?) peeps video notwithstanding, for the throngs of baseball fans this weekend. The Washington Nationals season opener is this Sunday (SundaySUNDAY!!) and it’s pretty amazing all the construction that’s been going on around our office to make it look pretty. Potholes filled, new curbs being poured, new areas suddenly defined as parking lots. Though from walking outside I saw Parking Lots U and W, so I imagine those aren’t the choice lots. 🙂

I’m feeling conflicted about the cherry blossoms this weekend. I want to go, of course, even if they’re the same every year, they’re still gorgeous to see. But as a DC resident I feel I should show solidarity with the “Tourists Go Home!” sentiment I see in the local blogs and free papers. Still I wouldn’t want to miss the peak and since I’m no longer working near an Orange/Blue Line station, it’ll be more of an errand to hop the metro over there for a long lunch break. I wonder if it’s worth it to make an early morning trip just to have a nice long walk around the Tidal Basin and be done with it.

Truth be told, I don’t mind tourists all that much especially in large events like this or things on The Mall where they can’t really get lost or turned around. It’s a prime photo real estate so everyone’s going to be stopping every few feet to get another picture. If it turns out to be a nice weekend, the blossoms are a good launching point to make it a nice walking day for monuments and sights, at least see how far the Tulip Library has progressed, though that’s more of a April/May thing.

But no matter what, please heed the NPS Beaver:
NPS Beaver says: Please do not pick the blossoms

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2 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    Nice beaver. 🙄

  2. Lolypup says:

    I dont mind the tourist either but they need to stay out of the metro. I mean seriously rent a car and clog up the streets all you want and fight over the damn parking but stay out of the metro!

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