on metro: pick a winner!

This past week, Kyle and I were talking about how it always seems that on metro, when you see a bona fide hottie, that someone will always come along a few seconds later and completely block your view. Not that you might have had any chance with said hottie, but a little eye candy helps the commute!

Ralph Wiggum, from the cartoon The Simpsons, picking his nose

This morning in the Columbia Heights station while waiting for the train, I had a completely unobstructed view of a BFH less than 10 feet away. I was enjoying the glances in between reading my Express when I smelled the distinctive scent of hand sanitizer. BFH was taking proper precautions against flying pigs, no problem there. But after finishing the hand rubbing, he proceeded to jam a finger up his nose, going on a little booger expedition. And it was definitely a pick, not a scratch.*

The fires of my ardor having been cooled, I could at least take solace in the knowledge that he used a clean finger. 😛

* Studies have shown that nose-picking can actually be beneficial, health-wise. Still though… ew!

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