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Good Day Sunshine... and Trash

What a perfect way to start the day. With a good ol’, “What’s that smell?” when you step off the elevators. Our building’s trash chutes are still off-limits to us, so we’re still carting our trash and recyclables down behind the basement entrance. Makes Spring Cleaning oh so much fun, lemme tell ya. But some people see fit to leave their bags outside overnight, perhaps as a reminder to grab them in the morning and take them out. And this could be from an older resident since the board was kind enough to say that they don’t expect them to make that trip all the time, but still not what I want to run into on my way out to work.

Looks like more wibbly-wobbly weather with rain on the way… maybe. I’ll just keep popping my pills for the time being. I’m hoping for some good weather this weekend though so I can head outside and build up a tolerance. My co-worker mentioned that today feels like Friday for her, but I feel a day behind and thought it was Hump Day when I woke up. Regardless, bring on the weekend already! The office definitely has a vibe of weariness to it today and people are ready for a break.

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