Area Man Discovers Glimmer of Awareness

Good ol’ Jonesville Church of God. It looks like Pastor Roger Byrd realized that just maybe people might take some offense to linking a presidential candidates last name to that of a terrorist’s first name. Especially as a religiously endorsed effort to “stir people’s minds,” which sounds more like a scene in a bad horror flick.

The story about the sign was viewed more than a quarter million times by users across the country. Hundreds of negative comments regarding the sign were posted online. On Tuesday, Byrd apparently decided the wording on the sign should be replaced.

The sign is now back to the very typical threatening you with eternal damnation, but in a lighthearted way slogan you’d normally expect from the Southern church. Nice decision, dumb-ass.

Shrimp and Grits made a good point that never even occurred to me. I wonder how many people saw this story and thought that it was made with an online church sign generator, since many people most likely saw it on other blogs and not the original NBC affiliate site. I admit I didn’t watch the video since I still prefer to read the news, not watch it, during my work day.

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  1. Lolypup says:

    What gets me the most is not the names but the question below the names “are they brothers?” Forgive me if im wrong but isnt the base premise of the bible and most religions that we are all indeed brothers and children of the same God the descendant off gasp Adam and Eve?

    Wouldnt a religious man recognize this basic premise as fact instead of asking, are they brothers? Or is this a new sect where ist them vs us?

    Obama for President unless Clinton gets the nod then McCain all the way!

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