random: crying over you

4/18/09 12:13

I wonder if I can leverage my allergy tears to my advantage at the office… “Can you handle this task?” — “*sniff, sob* Sure! No problem!” — “Uh… take your time, really.”

I’ve become very interested in the weather but only to keep an eye on when it might rain. It feels like my allergy woes refuse to end this year and more recently there’s been a bug going around making me doubly miserable, or not. It’s pretty hard to tell whether you’re gross and sneezy from allergies or illness.

James and I did a walkabout around Foggy Bottom, Chinatown and Old Town on Saturday and it was gorgeous outside and eventually painful in my head. That evening, Randy and I had a walk around Capitol Hill at night–with the new visitors center, it’s become fun again to walk to the Capitol again. Again, a lot of fun, but by the end of the evening, you’re just wanting to lie down, or perhaps dunk your head in a bucket of warm water first to rinse off the pollen.

Nature… what can ya do? Happy Earth Day everyone! :mrgreen:

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