wishes: Somewhere that’s green…

I absolutely hate moving, but while looking over a friend’s shoulder at craigslist apartment rental ads this weekend, I noticed the following house for rent that made me think, “Hm… maybe moving wouldn’t be so bad!”

moving: $2,999 house for rent on craigslist

At $2,999, it’s a bit pricey, even with it being a house. And while I could probably rent out a room, my loathing of the idea of roommates would stop that. Also, it’s a tiny bit far from “where it’s all happening,” which would mean a transition from “urban” to just slightly “suburban”. I don’t know if my chosen monniker could take that! :mrgreen:

Still, if wishes were fishes… or horses… or something.

It does make me think about what’s on tap, though. Friends are marrying, buying homes, having babies, and often I feel kinda stagnant. Professionally, I’ve had the same job for–dear gods–11 years next month. Socially I’m in a bit of a rut after so many ups and downs and gaining and losing friends over the years, most of them now being introverts, which doesn’t always jive with the small percentage of my personality that’s actually extroverted. Social media is great, but at times it doesn’t feel very social. Anonymously or not, some thoughts weren’t meant to be broadcast to the world at large where anyone can decide that a single statement equals everything you’re all about.

But let me shake this off, I do like having easy access to my restaurants/bars/city and I’ve no real interest in having a baby. It’s just hard to feel like you should be growing or changing, but feeling like none of that is happening. Another fun facet of social media: comparing your life to others’. A bad habit, to be sure.

I think the change in the weather has put me in a little funk, and allergy fits… and a possible cold, too. That’s probably what’s most affecting my mood. Or not? Sun’s out, so maybe today will be a good day.

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  1. If your current domicile has no mice, do not leave it. Nowhere else is guaranteed.

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