the rain has stopped & I’m back on the drugs!

I promise that I shall never trust in the old advice, “Oh thank goodness it’s raining, I don’t need to take my allergy pills today!” Especially when it rains for 2 or 3 days straight. Even shutting out the outside world didn’t help and it caught up with me last night. So today’s been a sleep in late and be domestic kinda day. Only a few errands (mainly to get allergy meds) and I’ve been home doing a bit of tidying between a lot of sitting down.

I have little entertainment to share except this recent gem from The Onion: Historic ‘Blockbuster’ Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past. My TiVo can download video podcasts, which is about the only way I’ll watch them since most web video just bores me. I never bought into the whole “small screen” entertainment, no matter how cute the podcaster might be. Keep an eye on the news ticker for some fun headlines as well.

[flv:bb_tour.flv 400 300]

Funny… but also very true. I love the Kathy character, “Two times a week I travel 6 miles to rent and return videos.” And the fond memories of going to the store and finding out that the video you wanted was already being rented. But what I most remember about Blockbuster stores is that you could easily gauge how queer the surrounding neighborhood was by how many copies of each gay and lesbian movies they had and whether or not there was a specific section just for those films.

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