Wonder Twins: The Lost Episode

Lugez Iceman, ice luge in the shape of a penis

I must admit, I am at a complete loss for this one. One of my booze blogs featured a quick story on the Lugez Iceman Party Penis ice luge. There are before and after pics on the product page and they’re kinda NSFW so be warned.

When I saw ice sculptures featured on “How It’s Made” one of the items was a liquor luge (video – skip to 2:45) and I immediately realized I’ve not been getting invites to the right parties! 🙂 I wondered if there was a home version, but never really looked into it. I’m not sure the Lugez product is right for me, however.

Lugez is proud to present our first product that is guaranteed to make your mouth drop. This penis is not just for looks…..it has function. Pour a shot at the top and drink at the tip. Slide a LED light under the ice and turn off the lights to create the mood (sold separately). After that you got yourself an ice luge party penis that gets you drunk.

If Zan and Jayna had come up with the form of an ice luge, they’d have gotten an invite to the Teen Titans from the start!

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2 Responses

  1. I can only imagine the pitch meeting for this…

    “Okay, now try and bear with me. A drinking luge… shaped… like a penis.”

  2. Brian says:

    Liz: Silly as it sounds, I’m betting that this will easily make the rounds of bachelorette parties and perhaps some of the more twisted social gatherings.

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