It’s been such a long weekend. I’m here at work, but barely here and finding it harder and harder to give a damn about this place. I guess I slept enough, in that when I woke up there was no major urge to go back to sleep, though now that I’m at work, I could sure use a nap again.

This weekend was pretty fun actually, I just think I drank too much. Yes, really. I usually don’t go out all 3 weekend nights, but we headed to DC on Friday, and the Hunt Club on Sat & Sun, both of those nights in costume. And we’ll be going out on Tuesday.. but I think I’ll be taking it easy that night. I was almost sick after coming home last night, of course the long walk from my car to the apartment didn’t help. I simply can’t believe that my complex hasn’t done anything to improve parking matters. Then again, they don’t much care to do anything about anything, so I guess it isn’t much of a surprise.

Much as I hate to say it, Edwin really got on my nerves this weekend. His inability to do things by himself was very frustrating. He wanted to dress up as Barney Rubble, blond hair and all, yet he did no work towards this goal until Saturday. Eventually, I ended up getting him to the store, Shawn and I picked out his fabric, then made his costume for him and I did his laundry while he slept (in my bed) and then did his hair in my bathroom. And all the while his attitude just seemed as if he was entitled to all this help. I’m not even sure he ever thanked Shawn, he barely thanked me at the end of the night when I was getting into my car. I was so frustrated and worn-out from trying to deal with him that I didn’t even have a good time out that night, compounded with the fact that North VA gay men are pitiful when it comes to getting into the fun & spirit of a holiday like this. Saturday night there were maybe 7 or 8 people in costume, and last night about 5. Though the up-side to that was Shawn and I will probably be in one of the weekly fag rags here ‘cos our pictures were taken last night.

Anyway, I feel hungover at the moment without actually being hungover. If that makes any sense, which it probably doesn’t. I’m just moving slow, and I feel like I won’t be back to normal for at least another few hours.

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