Monthly Archive: July 2008


One Game to Rule them All

Sluggy Freelance is doing a fantastic job skewering WoW in his recent Chapter titled Years of Yarncraft. Not that I don’t like MMOs, but strips like this morning’s remind me why sometimes I don’t miss them.


in DC: the migratory gays

Interesting article in the Washington Business Journal reflecting the queer exodus from Dupont and surrounding areas. It talks to Dave Perruzza, owner of the primary 17th St bars, and David Franco, owner of Universal Gear that recently moved to a...


Why do they shout “Charge!” at a baseball game?

Just back in from my first game at Nationals Park, that’s a pretty amazing stadium. A local firm TMG Strategies invited a few DC area bloggers to enjoy the game in their suite. Aside from a little hiccup between my...


OMG I’d luv to work 4 ur company!

I can’t tell if this is an example of office culture evolving or devolving… After interviewing a college student in June, Tory Johnson thought she had found the qualified and enthusiastic intern she craved for her small recruiting firm. Then...


… look closer

I think this qualifies as typography pr0n… The album cover for “Fast Asleep” from Funki Porcini is really well done. You’ll want to click the image for the full sized version. I saw this over at I Love Typography and...


Runs around in underwear! Freakazoid! Freakazoid!

I’m a bit surprised and disturbed to realize that I still know most of the lyrics to the theme song for Freakazoid!, I mean “Steven Spielberg presents Freakazoid!” It was a commonly quoted cartoon among the theater/geek crowd and it’s...


You might not be gay, but your car is!

I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this already from BG. Vanity Fair just introduced a new online column called Stick Shift: The Gay Car Blog. The introductory post makes it clear the use of “gay” isn’t just a car-synonym...