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Sluggy Freelance: Credit Cards are drawn on your soul

A little joke from Sluggy Freelance that wouldn’t have felt like a joke a few months back. It’s sort of weird to not get any mail and that my daily number of phone calls has dropped about 99%, but if the trade off is that no one’s beating down my door looking for their money, so be it. I don’t see my money being siphoned off as quickly as if I had a car, but it’s clear that just as around the world, the dollar ain’t going as far at home either. I’ve been able to couple justifications for most of my changes in habit with “health.”

A $5 latte vs a $2.50 bowl of cereal plus 2 servings of milk? No brainer! (We’ll see if I still feel that way later this morning when the lack of caffeine catches up with me) I still need to get to that point where I’m packing good portions at home and bringing them in with me, but I’ve always hated office fridge-sharing. Ours is overcrowded and filthy and people think that a bag from Giant or Safeway is a proper container for their lunch. So you end up digging through a field of blue and beige plastic to try to find that container of yogurt you’re sure you put in this morning yet has miraculously vanished by lunchtime.

Still, the last time I went shopping for my usual “I’ll cook gourmet at home and save over going out to eat” meal, the savings didn’t seem as huge as they have in the past. For the most part, I think I’m just saving on the bar tab. I’ve cut back on my usual amazon habits and gadget lust has cooled for the most part, especially with a new iPhone coming out soon and the Roku Netflix Player on about 6-8 week backorder. Living in DC, it seems like it would be easy to find free fun, but finding free fun that I haven’t already done 10 or more times is the hard part. I’m still on the fence about heading out to the parade and festival this weekend as they are more or less the same as last year and I admit that I’m feeling a little dumpy to be out and about for gay pride.

But on the bright side, at least the heat wave seems to have broken… a little. 88° is merely less than 99°, it’s not necessarily comfortable. 😛

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    Go to Pride… Go to Pride… Go to Pride… Get out and have a good time (provided you got some SPF protection). That’s free fun that comes only once a year unless you’re one of those people on the Pride circuit.

    As for saving money on lunches, I wonder how those insulated lunch bags are. Hopefully, they can keep your stuff out of the blue and beige zone, but I haven’t had a chance to test this yet.

  2. lacochran says:

    Get you to Bed, Bath & Beyond with your 20% off coupon and buy one of those handy, dandy insulated bags. Then you can pack your lunch and keep it on your desk where grubby coworkers can’t have at it. Saves big bucks. Only downside is that having my lunch handy often means I’m done eating my lunch by 10 a.m. 🙄

  3. Gregory says:

    I reiterate the insulated bag suggestion. When I used to commute to an office every day, that’s what I did and it was quite satisfactory. You can get the gel-inserts that you keep in your freezer and they keep things nice and cold and, as lacochran stated, out of the reach of your (thieving) colleagues.

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