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Calendar page: Friday the 13th

I was getting my cereal and milk this morning and the cashier says, “Have a blessed day!” to which I respond, “Happy Friday the 13th!” I’ve discussed with Christopher that one never really knows what to say in response to “blessed day.” I always feel it a bit rude. When I was in Elementary school there was a girl who, when someone sneezed, would say “God bless you,” even if someone had already said “bless you.” And she’d especially emphasize the God part. This morning’s cashier looked a little taken aback but she didn’t say anything.

I still feel cooked. I know it’s cooler outside, but it’s still hot! I do plan to find some friends to watch/attend the Pride events this weekend, but I’ll be steamin’ in my own juices I’m sure. Tonight, however, I could go for a happy hour and may start sending out e-mail pesterings before I finish lunch. I’m sure anyplace we might go will be packed, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? When you know that queers from nearby areas are traveling to your town for Pride, it’s your gay-given right to be able to enjoy them as eye candy.

So if anyone local will be out and about, feel free to keep in touch so we can cross paths if possible. Happy Friday and Happy Pride, everyone.

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3 Responses

  1. lacochran says:

    Yeah, I know they mean well but I always wonder if my version of a blessing is the same as their version of a blessing… probably not. 🙂 It feels a little like a particular form of pressure. Similar but different from “Have a nice day”… “Um, I already had other plans!”

  2. kyle says:

    Paul says they will be at Mr. Henry’s tonight around 8:00. I may or may not go, depending on scheduling conflict resolutions.

    When responding to the blessers, I always just say “you, too.” My rationale is that while I know I mean something slightly different from their original statement, they don’t have to know I mean something different. Besides, in my experience, contradicting a Christian opens a can of snakes that no one walks away from prettily. With regards to casual blessings, it’s not worth the effort.

  3. esprix says:

    Friday the 13th was the luckiest day of my life. 🙂

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