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Friday the 13th, so far…

Y’know what? I’m not superstitious, but this Friday the 13th has been making it really difficult to get into TGIF mode. Here’s hoping that writing about it will help bring an early end to the Murphy’s Law field surrounding me all day!


Scams: Dr. Ubakassi of West Africa

I can’t believe stuff like this is making it through Gmail’s spam filter, but it seems somewhat appropriate for Halloween… Are you disappointed in your life?? Have you failed in all worlds of life? Am called Dr. Ubakassi, A Love...


queer: “that way”

Had an interesting experience in the cafeteria yesterday morning. I’d already brought in my breakfast, but accompanied a co-worker to get her morning nosh. Nothing out of the ordinary for my office routine. The only thing that usually changes is...


race: she said what?!

It’s only because of who it is, that I’m not foaming at the mouth, but I still couldn’t let this go by without comment. Socially conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger done gone and put her foot in her mouth on the air… again.


TGIF: Woo Hoo!

That pretty much sums it up. Been a long-ass (and unintentionally blog-quiet) week and I’m ready for the weekend. TGIF, bitches! My brain has opted to take off early today as it’s still suffering a bit from last night’s Golden...


…comes great responsibility

I get an e-mail yesterday, sent to the original recipients at 1:45p Thursday afternoon, eventually forwarded to me at 3:05p: There will be a meeting this Friday to discuss [redacted]. The meeting will start at 9:00 am and could last...


and it isn’t even 9 yet?!

Finally! Brisk weather! Praise Jeebus. This also meant that I was sort of freezing my tush off while moving around the house this morning before heading out, but I’ll take this over the heat we’ve had the past few days....


Paraskavedekatriaphobes, ahoy!

I was getting my cereal and milk this morning and the cashier says, “Have a blessed day!” to which I respond, “Happy Friday the 13th!” I’ve discussed with Christopher that one never really knows what to say in response to...


These are saved!

Elaine: No, these are saved. Man: All of them? C’mon, you can’t take *four* seats. Elaine: What, is that a rule? Seinfeld, "The Movie" I know there is no hard and fast rule on saving seats. I hate doing it,...


(And So Can You!)

I’m trying to be sold on this, really, but it’s just kinda ok. I think maybe his character is starting to wear on me a bit. Still, he’s a very good book narrator, so it is working on that level....