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Catch My Drift?!? game box

This one comes by way of Live It, LOVE It. She mentioned it to us at happy hour this past Friday and until she actually sent me the link to her blog entry, I wasn’t completely convinced it was true.

Turns out… it’s f’realz, yo. That phrase is probably on one of the game cards, come to think of it. Catch My Drift?!? is one in a long line of vocabulary/lexicon type board/card games, but really draws its style of play from Taboo. “[H]elp your teammates guess the lingo … but use caution not to slip up and mention the violation words.” Yeah… sounds pretty familiar.

But if you have any doubt that this game is on & poppin’ or off the heezy, by all means, check out their commercial!

The best is the commentary that followed between LiLu and her sister–who e-mailed it to her:

LiLu: The whole time, I kept waiting for the punchline… and then it was SERIOUS.

Lil Sis: Oh, so serious. My favorite part is that they’re all so white.

LiLu: HAHAHAHAHA. The whiteness is blinding.

Given the small distribution, it seems to be an entrepreneurial venture, so let’s hope it’s able to take off for them before the Hasbro lawyers take notice of it… or their primary audience realizes that Urban Dictionary is free for the browsing. Between that website and watching BET and MTV, I’m sure any owners could make their own expansion packs. :mrgreen:

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3 Responses

  1. Shaw Girl says:

    The commercial looks like an SNL skit. I now want to go find this board game and play it…which is sad.
    .-= latest entry: Yeah, I’m Free…Free Fallin’! =-.

  2. cdf12345 says:

    That game sounds off the hook yo. Maybe I can get my D&D club to give it a shot…. For rizzle

  3. LiLu says:

    My heart still breaks a little bit every time I realize it exists… and it’s real.
    .-= latest entry: B Goes Britney Spears. =-.

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