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Superman by Kyle Latino

This wasn’t the winning entry in Project Rooftop’s Superman: Man of Style contest, but it’s my favorite by Kyle Latino. Love the aviator jacket and scarf on a flying hero. Also fun is this entry by Charles R. Rouse-Rodriguez. Superman isn’t exactly a technology/science hero, but his details are flawless, “Why does Superman need a jetpack if he can fly? — Because it’s badass, that’s why!” There are some fun steampunk and silly Superman designs as well. The posts at Project Rooftop aren’t constant, but I always love them.

At the office today I’ve realized that “I’m not here to make friends,” is a good mantra and it’s suiting me well. I’m not mean or nasty, just present. I do my tasks, eat my lunch, surf a little and head home. My good co-worker friends are either in the office very infrequently, or don’t sit near enough to really socialize (which is a good thing since we’re here to work) and that’s fine. I can socialize in my off-hours, which is something else I need to work on, but one thing at a time.

This morning it also really hit me that I really miss league bowling. I left my last league out of support for a friend that said he’d find us another league to bowl in. That never happened and I haven’t really seen that friend in ages anyway, so I wonder if I should look for one that has in-DC carpools available. Why can’t any of the bowling chains find a good spot in DC to build a real alley. To quote an entitled gentrifier, “We really need” a bowling alley! 😛

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3 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    On a serious note – sorry!- I wonder if we even know how to make friends any longer. Most of us we socialized as children in an entirely different environment than the one we live in as adults. Along the way, we were taught to commodify everything, and that lesson passed from dealing with goods to dealing with experiences and ultimately with people – or at least our experience of them. What’s the solution? I have no idea.

  2. Brian says:

    @kyle: As much as I loathe this phrase, “I’ll respond to that comment offline.” (and I have) 🙂

  3. 1coyote says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I was thinking that jetpack (which I was really happy when I did it) was the worst idea I had. I think the judges dont read the explanations people write for their drawings cause nobody knew why he had a jetpack! It was because he was like he first showed up in the golden age… just super strong, fast and can leap really far. So if he wanted to fly he would build a jetpack and a suit out of what was left of his kryptonian shuttle. So that was the idea. Thanks for liking it. It felt great reading your comments.


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