dare I say it?

It has been… a good week… socially. I am saving up my work moanings to be posted at a later time because saving up my manifesto in a little notebook is a lovely way to vent some frustrations about the behavior here. But I digress.

Monday and Tuesday were chore days. Target run, dry cleaning, laundry, tidying, recipe management, trash runs. All the stuff that sucks but is totally necessary. As a result, there are now bare areas of my apartment that haven’t seen light in ages and I’ve tossed out quite a lot of my past that fell into that “I’m saving this, but I never look at it” category. I did save all my queer, campy, tacky buttons however I tossed all the beads. 😛

Wednesday was a little Witches of Eastwick happy hour with Moose, Michael and Fredo at Cobalt. I never thought I’d make Cobalt a regular option for happy hour, but their drink prices aren’t too bad and fortunately, or not depending on how you look at it, the main bar isn’t all that crowded most nights and happy hour goes from 5-9pm! After a few drinks and many laughs, we moved over to Annie’s for a nosh and then made our way home.

Thursday I met up with Kyle so that he could introduce me to the wondrous food item that is Phở. I saw it pop up all over when the craze first hit the states, I’d just never been. The neon signs always seemed to indicate that it was a soup of some sort, but that’s all I could sort out. We met at Cleveland Park Metro and went over to Nam-Viet Pho-79, a place that I’d seen many times but kinda glossed over. The phở was delicious and I also had their seafood fried rice with shrimp, squid, scallops, lump crabmeat and spices in jasmine rice. Amazing dish and plentiful. I’ve got leftovers awaiting me at home tonight.

After dinner we walked up to Calvert Woodley, an amazing wine and spirits store with a great cheese counter as well. Seriously, for a lush like me who normally buys booze in DC this was akin to being a city-dweller that goes on fishing trips and the locals will guide you to good spots, but they keep that one secret spot to themselves. Well this feels like I just earned the right to be let in on the secret.

Now students, why is this liquor store important? Because it is large, you can shop the shelves for yourselves, rather than have someone behind two inches of plexiglass do it for you, and they have – anyone? anyone? – that’s right, bargain bins!

— Kyle: flavor

Well said, to say the least. Actually last night reawakened the knowledge of that part of Northwest in my brain, the still-walkable bit between Woodley Park and Van Ness before you start to venture into Upper Caucasia. I saw a lot of little spots, I’d filed away for shopping and dining and walking and perhaps once the weather starts sliding into Fall again, I’ll make it out for longer trips. However in terms of grabbing supplies, I’ll be back to Calvert Woodley again, no doubt!

I don’t have anything going on tonight or tomorrow, but I may have to work on that this afternoon. Sunday plans are brunch with a certain friend who works at a certain store owned by a certain company that released a certain device at a certain hour this morning. Needless to say, he gonna have stories.

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    Phở – sounds so delicious! There are quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in San Diego, including one whose name lends itself to some weird pun. I’ll have to remember Nam-Viet Pho-79 next time I’m in DC.

    Stories about a certain device – sounds fascinating, especially in its vagueness. 🙂

  2. kyle says:

    I like the new layout/appearance. And since I read The New York Times exclusively online, I have an inordinate fondness for the Georgia font.

    Rest assured we will have more gastronomical adventures.

  3. Brian says:

    @kyle: Thanks! I need to stop toying with it though before I mess it up. I’m not sold on the font, but serifs seem to be making a good comeback online.

    @shindo: now see, you’re trying to make my thing sound nasty, I can tell.

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