Artsy-Fartsy events galore this Saturday!

Between Arts on Foot:

Arts on Foot presented by Wines of Argentina is a one-day, multimedia Festival that kicks off the fall arts season in Downtown DC’s Penn Quarter. Incorporating visual art, music, theatre, dance, film, and creative cuisine, it’s an interactive celebration the whole family will enjoy.

And Opera in the Outfield, a free live simulcast of Verdi’s La Traviata at Nationals Park this weekend, it looks like there will be some good options to get out of the house this Saturday. Unfortunately my birthday plans for a trip to Stoney’s got canceled, so I gotta find some way to occupy myself. Hopefully there will be some gorgeous weather to get out and about. It kinda sucks that there are very few options to eat and drink “outside” as we enjoy this transition into cooler weather, but DC queer venues are sort of lacking that except for Nellie’s and those along 17th St.

I have not bothered to crack open my PC yet, I really don’t feel like messing with it tonight though Norman thinks it may only be a memory issue, which does seem likely. There’s just a complete lack of official information online to interpret the specific series of beeps my machine is giving me to tell me what’s wrong. But I will try to take care of it on my own before taking it to the manufacturer. I just don’t like people having total unsupervised access to my data, even if they are paid to fix my computer.

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