Ooooh, the first round of gifts!

Gotta love this card from my co-worker Betsy. She and I headed to lunch at District Chophouse this afternoon for a small office celebration. We both came back and found ourselves in the throes of food coma, but it was worth it. Kyle gave me what looks to be a fun read, “In the Devil’s Garden — A Sinful History of Forbidden Food.” In a chapter trying to sort out what the actual forbidden fruit was, Allen writes of the tomato:

The tomato was everything the Forbidden Fruit ought to be–a slut-red fruit oozing lugubrious juices and exploding with electric flavors. Clearly an aphrodisiac.

I think I’m going to like this book!

I went through Best Buy yesterday to see if they had what I needed in the way of drive enclosures and while they didn’t have a dual (or more) enclosure, they did have a machine that was small and could easily replace my downed behemoth. It’s actually a more powerful machine with native HD audio/video output, which is just what I’m looking for. I might go past on the way home from work today and pick that up. I should be more of a tinkerer with the old PC and maybe I’ll find a way to bring it back from the dead later, but for right now, I just want a machine that works and the one I’m looking at is a very reasonable price for what I’m getting. I don’t think it counts as my present to myself since this was the result of a crash, but it’s a good start since I don’t know what I want… aside from a portable hole through which to shove most of my clutter.

With my luck, I’d leave it lying around somewhere, fall into it in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom and wake up in a landfill in Ostend.

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