oh yes it’s ladies’ night…

I love my friends dearly, and I’m flattered when they try to hook me up with someone (rare that it ever happens, and don’t say “I don’t know anyone worthy of you” I hate that), however they do have to realize what moments are good times to try to meet someone and what moments are bad times, and that sometimes it takes more than just a simple introduction of names. Take tonight, for instance, while it was certainly nice to make the young man’s acquaintance, it would also have been nice to know that the person he’s currently seeing/dating/fucking in an open/casual/whatever thing would also be there. Kinda hard to chat and flirt when the accessible sex is right there next to him.

note to my friends: feel free to try to hook me up though, “have friend(s) set me up on a blind date” is on my überlist

I went with Jenifer to mothertongue tonight and it was great, she read a short piece and then some excerpts from SuperQueers, both were well-received. There were some good pieces and I had a good time, which is rare for me at any open-mic event.

It felt good to be in the “old neighborhood” again too. I’ll have to find more people to hang out with down there. I was good and walked from my place to U St, and the slightly cool evening air felt really good, though I did feel naked without my iPod on.

And listening to a lot of poems about sex, even with the word cunt liberally used in them, has got me pretty horned up at the moment, thank goodness it’s nearly bedtime! 😉

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