and it isn’t even 9 yet?!

Finally! Brisk weather! Praise Jeebus. This also meant that I was sort of freezing my tush off while moving around the house this morning before heading out, but I’ll take this over the heat we’ve had the past few days. I actually wore a coat outside, the wisdom of which was completely derailed once I got into the metro and found that not only the stations were already being heated, but so were the cars. I really hate trying to manage temperature when it gets chilly out. You put on your coat so you can get to the metro or wait for the bus, then you get steamed and cooked in your own juices while riding. Craziness!

Also, it isn’t a stretch to believe that the Pussycat Dolls started out as a burlesque troupe when I’m listening to one of their songs and have a sudden compulsion to turn and slap my own ass. It must be that fine-ass booty model walk I do.

I love this posting around the office for a CFC Fun Run as it pokes at all of the standard CFC events which are kinda dumb and not very good for you. Bake sales, chili cook offs, hot dogs, pizzas, burgers, sodas… and always overpriced. So why not join up and work off those extra calories, Fatty-Fatty Fat-Fat?!

Last little thing, while I do enjoy having a short commute, I’m almost thinking it’s too short. It’s a complete bummer to me that I can’t even get through a 30 minute television program sans commercials before getting to my stop. I converted and put Chocolate News and No Heroics on the iPhone but barely got through ½ of the first one before I was at the office. It is, however, a great way to completely zone out and ignore ones commute. I didn’t ignore the cute guy next to me who seemed to be getting just as much of a laugh out of the video as I was.

Such travail this morning and it ain’t even 9 o’clock. TGIF and all, but let’s get this day moving, ok?

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  1. Seriously, I just looked at the clock and realized it’s just a little after nine o’clock, which is nutty. My commute is annoying. By metro (straight shot) it’s 20 minutes, but then I have a 15 minute walk after that. (Foggy Bottom Metro Morning rush hour nightmare to the top of 24th & N.) If I take the bus, 35 minute commute and a 5 minute walk. I’ve opted for the bus. Less overheated and at 7:30am, much less crowded than the stinky old Metro. And it’s cheaper! 😀

    I was also dumb. I forgot today was the temperature switch. I’m at work in a t-shirt, jeans… and flip flops. BRRR!

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