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Animated GIF by Ivan Vidovic

Just relax, breathe normally and stare into the following GIF. Animated GIF by Ivan Vidovic on Ello. Yes, this is how we recruit. Enjoy that triggered latent1 homosexuality, y’all! I love how animated GIFs are making a comeback as art,...


2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

It’s that time again! No, I don’t mean my birthday. Well, actually, my birthday is coming up soon, but just before that is DC Shorts! The 2015 DC Shorts Film Festival showcases one of the largest collection of short films...


tv: Archer’s Burgers?

Fans of Archer, Bob’s Burgers or just H. Jon Benjamin will be very pleased. As an Archer fan I’m really looking forward to this. The team behind Archer has produced a crossover episode–airing in Archer’s next season–in which Benjamin will...