evil twin: human iron babe

I love anagrams. And I do feel a bit like my evil twin today. I decided to accentuate the silvery strands growing in around my chin and nowhere on my cheeks by shaving a vandyck. Since I generally go equally between clean shaven and bearded, this seemed the middle ground to best denote to the audience that I’m not who you think I am, muahahahahaha! And you don’t get any pictures because I forgot to take them. I’ve already committed my first act of evil at the office, made all the more evil by the fact that it doesn’t seem like a bad thing. But any evil mastermind knows that it’s all about the long game. 😈

It was another good crock pot weekend, made a nice sunday roast which I then shredded into a beef stew and at the same time made a really simple recipe of mulled wine in a smaller crock pot. My place smelled amazing and my stomach was completely ignoring what time it was with respect to mealtime. Good smells, hungry now, eat now. I should swing past Williams-Sonoma or similar to get the proper mulling spices, but I like to know what can be created when someone just wants to walk a few blocks to the store and not spend a lot of money (hence leaving out the cardamom). It could have been done a lot faster on the stove, but I would have had to sit and watch it to make sure it didn’t come to a boil. A few hours in the crock pot was just right and gave the house a great aroma. Nothing like going for a little walk and coming home to the smell of a good feast. Even better when it only took you about 20 minutes to prepare in the morning. Also no pictures because… I couldn’t sort out how to make mulled wine photogenic and I was hungry!

I was bummed that we didn’t get any snow and now it looks like we’ll have rain. So unfair but alas, Happy Monday!

* I loved the game Mastermind when I was a kid and this article about bringing the enigmatic box top models back together 30 years later is a hoot.

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  1. kyle says:

    Mastermind® and Risk® were my two big games in jr high and high school.

    BTW, made the excursion to Calvert Woodley on Saturday. Came home with an armload.

    latest entry: OBAMA!!!

  2. Fredo says:

    Wow, that reunion photo is a hoot!

    I loved Master Mind when I was younger. I remember having a knockoff computer version of it at one point in the mid-to-late ’90s. The physical version was popular at family reunions.

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