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Inspired by Fredo’s semi-famous photo of him enjoying the televised Yule Log and a few fun moments from Corner Gas [starts at 4 mins], I decided to seek out a Yule Log video this year. I’m not sure how I’ve never noticed one on tv before, but it was never really a tradition in my household. In Atlanta, it was often warm enough that a fire wasn’t standard, and when it was cold enough for a fire, the last thing we needed was to watch one on tv! Still, since I have a nice ornamental fireplace in the apartment, I’m hoping to tidy up enough to light a “fire” in there and possibly entertain at least once before Winter ends.

[flv:yule_blog.flv 500 312]

From what I’ve seen in the forecast, I doubt that a fire will be on the agenda while visiting the family in South Carolina, so here’s a little holiday spirit from all of us, to all of you. Well, from me to all of you, anyway. I don’t head out of town for another few days, but I’ll be all travel-mad getting ready and trying to deal with work until I go. I kinda envy those who are staying put for the holidays, or who just have a nice long period of time off work. Well, maybe we’ll luck out and get a huge D.C.-paralyzing snowfall in January… right around the third Friday of the month would certainly make things interesting. 😈

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