blackberry glances

To add to the lighthearted morning, I just popped down to our 2nd floor’s shop for coffee and doughnuts and for some reason the coffee just wasn’t strong or flavorful today so I was adding more cream and sugar than usual. I noticed a handsome guy in line waiting to get to the sugar/cream (they only put out one canister of each at a time) engrossed in his Blackberry. I was still there when he got to the counter and he put it down, out of the corner of my eye I read the words ‘had sex with’ and grinned, then he looked down and grinned back. It wasn’t exactly flirtatious or anything more of a *heh, well um yeah* kind of thing.

It’s the comic relief I could use. If I ever have a desire to become management here anytime soon, I want someone to shoot me. Just playing the boss for this week is already more than I care to deal with. Too much assuaging and appeasing clients who only want to be acknowledged and so many internal e-mails asking for the same information worded in a different way over and over. My co-worker better be having a damn good time on vacation for what I’m covering in her absence. 🙂

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