2008/2009: the sweet sound passage of time

Pluggers comic strip from 12-24-2008

I still feel like I need a vacation from my holidays. My jaw still aches and tongue hurts from all the comments I had to hold back while visiting the folks. I could go into just how… scripted our holidays are, but that probably sounds too bitter. Regardless, I’m fairly sure how it’s going to go each year with only minor changes: the dog is bigger, my brother’s more healed, one or both parents are sick. When I try to get some time on the computer to write, e-mail, IM or just watch a video or podcast I didn’t have time to catch up with, someone will instantly materialize behind me asking, “What are you doing?” I’m still waiting for computer use to command the same level of respect/privacy you might give someone reading a book.

The worst of it was that I had a hard time getting away to take in even one complete viewing of A Christmas Story! But I did get to watch The Next Doctor which was very entertaining.


It’s clever though, isn’t it? The way it happens? Regular, almost like clockwork. I mean, twelve months go by (hello, hello, hello) of their own accord, and behold, another year begins! It knows what it is, and somehow, as if by magic, everyone in the whole world does as well. The sweet sound passage of time.

Absolutely Fabulous, “Happy New Year”

I don’t really assign much significance to Dec. 31/Jan. 1, it’s the passing of one year to the next. Sometimes I’ve attended a big to-do, or gone out and other times I’ve just stayed home and watched tv or played games. I’ve felt so busy at the office that any day off is a welcome one, doesn’t matter the reason. So no top 10s, countdowns or major recaps for now. 2008 was an interesting year for many reasons, lots of ups and downs, friends made and friends lost. I lucked out and paid off my debt, apparently just in time and I managed to make it through the year without having to find either a new place to live or a new job. So all in all, a pretty good year. Not great or crappy, just pretty good.

Bring it on, 2009! :mrgreen:

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4 Responses

  1. LiLu says:

    Ab Fab!!! I LOVE Ab Fab!!!

    Happy New Year, darling.

    latest entry: Thank You For Giving Me a Reason to Drink This Sham-Pag-Nay

  2. brian says:

    @lacochran: Thanks, babe!

    @LiLu: Back at ya, sweetie!

    @James: It is pretty much the only holiday tradition I have, except that I’ll watch it year-round. 😉

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