sci-fi: are you frakkin’ ready?

I am so frakkin’ ready. iTunes is offering Catch the Frak Up! for free download as well as The Face of the Enemy web series that’s designed to fill in the hiatus. I put Catch/Up! on my iPhone this morning and had some nice laughs and even a tiny teary-eyed moment* on the metro this morning.

Pretty frakkin’ great, huh? I also love the total deadpan delivery of phrases like goo bath. They should have that voiceover actress do recaps for other series. I might actually get into them.

The things one unearths!

After buying more bins at Target last night, I was able to make some trash/recycling runs and do more tidying. It’s very interesting the things one finds and unearths while cleaning. Not necessarily trash, but not really treasure either. It’s sort of like a This is Your Life, but via clutter.

After making more progress, I met up with Jhim and Kyle for dinner and drinks and a well-needed break. Things are about to get crazy as the weekend approaches, so I’m needing that non-traditional family energy before my actual family arrives. I am thinking the Bloggerational Ball might be in order as well. Oh and heads-up, the details for that event have changed. New important details: new location and no admission fee. I’m not a huge fan of Reef, so I may stop by for a bit, but we’ll see. :mrgreen:

Alas, it is hump day, and it really is feeling all downhill from here!


* I’ve already mentioned that I cry at the drop of a hat… any hat, right?

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7 Responses

  1. Neal says:

    I’ve already mentioned that I cry at the drop of a hat… any hat, right?

    I wonder where that saying comes from. Who dropped the hat? Who cried? Was it a big hat? Were there peacock feathers involved?

    latest entry: Crisis at the Great Northern!

  2. brian says:

    @Neal: Looks like it dates back to 1854! Probably no peacock feathers, though.

  3. Katherine says:

    I am so excited for BSG. It’s frakking ridiculous. In fact, I feel a live blog might be in order.

    latest entry: Today’s Metro Lesson: It’s Going To Be A Long Week

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thank you. Best 13 minutes and nineteen seconds I’ve burnt all day. :mrgreen:

    latest entry: Kate Winslet grips her hard-won Golden Globes

  5. TanyaD says:

    I want that Slytherin whatever it is! 👿

    latest entry: Is racism dead?

  6. brian says:

    @TanyaD: If I can think of a non-damaging way to ship it, sure! Only thing is you gotta take Hufflepuff too. I got no HP loyalty whatsoever.

  7. TanyaD says:

    Sure, I’ll pawn that off to someone in the office. One of them has to be a hufflepuff! 😆

    latest entry: Is racism dead?

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