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Renew! Renew! …my iPhone!

So, you know what’s fun? When your smartphone, for no apparent reason, decides to have a complete operating system collapse. I managed to renew, restore and refresh it to factory settings and instead of restoring a backup, I started fresh. I know people say it, but it really is like having a brand new phone (that’s pre-smeared with your own finger grease).


gadgets: mini-Kindle?

So maybe I don’t need to get a Kindle just yet. It looks like Amazon very quietly pushed out an application to the iTunes store within the last day or so. Free for iPhone/iPod Touch and syncs up with your...


sci-fi: are you frakkin’ ready?

I am so frakkin’ ready. iTunes is offering Catch the Frak Up! for free download as well as The Face of the Enemy web series that’s designed to fill in the hiatus. I put Catch/Up! on my iPhone this morning...


culture war: did Colbert humble Kanye?

Props to Hello, Negro for pointing out that I need to watch The Colbert Report. The last episode I watched in full was when Amy Sedaris was on and somehow Paul Dinello snuck in there as well. She pointed out...


RjDj: your life’s soundtrack, remixed

I am so hooked on this iPhone app RjDj. While it’s author has a hard time explaining exactly what the app does, it basically takes in the sounds from your iPhone’s headset microphone, treats them like samples and mixes and...


iPhone: unscathed!

Yeah I totally upgraded my software to 2.0. Initially I was being lazy and figured that I’d get around to it when they released it through iTunes for all people. But this morning I got the urge and figured it...


TuneCore: 34 Stars

Just a quickie here. TuneCore is giving away 34 free songs. From what I can tell after a quick trip around their site, they help artists distribute their music in both physical and virtual stores. But in a way that’s...


Does this make me ‘one of them’ now?

Yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid. Oooooh, a Jim Jones would be really good (and incapacitating) right now, but it’s nearly bedtime. My brother did come through nicely on sending me the phone, but he sent it overnight with USPS. He’s...


Meglio stasera, baby, go-go-go!

It Had Better Be Tonight is one of my all-time favorite songs, ever since seeing/hearing it in The Pink Panther. I’ve heard various versions, usually my favorite is the one by Lena Horne but Michael Bublé is doing a cover...


Why read when I can listen?

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the abridged audio version of John Hodgman’s book, The Areas of My Expertise is available for free download at the iTunes store: In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of...