Keep on pluggin’

I’ve been working on the site and getting used to WordPress 2.0 and seeing which plugins it will and won’t work with. Sadly the Live+Press plugin was the biggest loss, however it looks like I’ll be able to hack it back to functionality thanks to creepi.gurl‘s instructions.

Otherwise I’m loving Spam Karma and Akismet working hand in hand to keep the comment spam out of site, sight and mind, I haven’t seen a lot of comment spam for months but when it does happen, it’s quickly caught and deleted. Cat2Tag makes it much easier to totally spam categories for my entries. So much so that I’ve removed the category listing from the sidebar on the pages in the site. I love keeping everything nice and sorted in multiple ways, but it was starting to get to be a little TOO much. I’ve been looking for a good weighted categories plugin similar to what flickr uses, I’ve created an archives page, with help from the Clean Archives plugin, but it still needs refinement. The WP Flickr Post Bar helps me insert the photos from my flickr photostream without having to head over there everytime to pick up the URL and the WP Audioscrobbler plugin keeps my recently played tracks in the sidebar, though since it doesn’t register internet radio streams, it isn’t all that accurate.

Some things I’d like to work on are adding my bookmarks as a daily post and I’m still on the lookout for a new theme. I could make my own, but my visual design and Photoshop skills are way out of practice.

(yes, this is primarily a shout-out post, but I needed a few moments away from the piled-up stack of work)

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2 Responses

  1. Creepi says:

    Let me know if the changes don’t work out. I had to backtrack to figure out exactly what I changed to get Live+Press to work. I’m 99% sure I listed everything, but I may have missed a change. If I did forget to include something in my post I could always zip my edited Live+Press files…

  2. MiKe says:

    Walks in, looks around. “This isn’t where I thought i was…”
    I like it though, just takes a minute to get used to things.

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