inauguration: they came, they saw, they froze!

They Made It!

I’m not saying that having them come here hasn’t been stressful and more than a small pain in the ass, but I am glad that they got to come here and share in this historic event. They got out of here around 4 in the morning and headed out towards the metro and basically stood around in nearly the same spot all morning long. My father isn’t quite the shutterbug that I am, which is odd since when I was younger, my dad was rarely seen without his SLR, but I think the digital transition has made picture-taking seem less important to him. Plus he still has to figure out how to get the pictures off of the darned thing! 😉

They were interviewed by their local paper and my father told of missed opportunity:

“Both of us have always felt guilty about the fact that we didn’t get to go to the march on Washington, D.C., in ’63, and we had the chance to do so, and we didn’t,” said Gray, 68, of Greenville. “We’ve labored with that all these years.”

I’ve uh… never heard that story before, but anyway. It’s been lovely to see them and it will be lovely to see them leave. This apartment was not designed for three people, this was made plainly evident during the morning bathroom queue.

As they say, tomorrow the real work begins, and it’s true. Thankfully I’m able to telework tomorrow, but come Thursday it’s back on the metro, back to the grind. So all you visitors… go home! :mrgreen:

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3 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Your dad’s interview is sincerely touching.

    When I’ve been to Big Event Marches in D.C. in the past, I’ve come away from them feeling a little disappointed; sometimes an overwhelming volume of people can make things less meaningful, not more. With this event, since you said your folks were going, I kept thinking, “if there’s one thing for which I can wish, please let it be that the Grays aren’t disappointed.”

  2. shindo says:

    I’ve had Ms. Ullman’s voice in mind when I saw the link. It would be funny to see the a vid of her saying that.

    I read the article on your parents and I’m glad they had the opportunity this time around. That is really cool.

    Here’s to the lives of Washingtonians getting back to normal in the next few days.

    latest entry: Resplendence: Stolen Leaf 2

  3. LiLu says:

    I still can’t believe you had to meet and entertain your parents the morning after the Bloggerational Ball. Serious props, my friend! And so glad you came 😀

    latest entry: Moral of the Bloggerational Ball: YOU ALL ROCK.

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