clutter: old school networking

Ah, the good ol' days!

Cleaning house is SUCH fun! I opened a box labeled “CDs, Glassware, Mini-Shelves” and instead saw the above switches and a metric assload of cabling for devices long since thrown/given away. I think the nostalgia is getting to me, and the dust. Definitely the dust. Orange scented Swiffer Dusters refills have never smelled so sweet! :mrgreen:

I wish we had transporter technology. It’d make listing this stuff on freecycle so much easier. No waiting, no e-mails back and forth. Just “I’ll take it!” *shimmery lights* “You got it!”

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  1. shindo says:

    That is cool. You can call it Urban Bohemian Gear. Claim it!

    I came across a post on Shindo Gear. It has nothing to do with me, but the guy put together some cool pics of analog equipment. I wish I could claim it. 🙂

    latest entry: Resplendence: Gold Dust Woman (Feuille 36)

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