photos: I think this sport one-ups UFC

Two athletes compete during a Turkish oil wrestling event, also known as Yağlı güres, in Kassel, Germany.

Two athletes compete during the Turkish oil wrestling event, also known as “Yağlı güres,” in Kassel, Germany.

I know that usually the papers and many blogs post photos of this event every year, but I swear it never gets old… never. I’ve previously called Ultimate Fighting Championship “one of the [most] homoerotic sporting events I’ve seen.” I wonder if Yağlı güres would swipe that title away were it broadcast here in the states.

Still, it’s nice to look at, and honestly pretty impressive. I can sometimes barely keep hold of food when I’m slathering it in oil or butter, I certainly can’t imagine being any good at wrasslin’ in it.* And it really is a great shot.

Photo credit: Thomas Lohnes-AFP/Getty Images

* Outside of MAL or a Titan video shoot, that is.

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2 Responses

  1. sean808080 says:

    That is a good shot isn’t it? I am going to have to catch that live one day. I”m sure the photo opportunities are numerous.
    .-= latest entry: Out of the mouths of babes! =-.

  2. shindo says:

    I’ve always thought of UFC as manporn, but this looks nasty… but fun… Nice start to the morning.
    .-= latest entry: More Politically Incorrect… =-.

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