I just want nicer things!

This is one of my all time favorite lines from AbFab. Edina has lost the speech she was going to give at a PR-PR’s Dinner-of-the-Month Lunch and naturally goes off on a rant when people start ridiculing her. At the peak of it she blasts ad-agencies and product people and screams, “I don’t want more choice, I just want nicer things!”

I throw the phrase around a lot, maybe a bit too much, but it remains true for me. A little while ago I was looking for teakettles on Amazon. J bought me a french press for GiftMas and I didn’t have anything I could reliably pour water out of, my pyrex cups will microwave, but the spouts aren’t precise for pouring (as I learned.. also recently — ouch). Now Amazon has 640 teakettles listed and I looked at every single one of them and was like *eh* for each of them. Admittedly as all I want to do is boil water, clearly I didn’t need frills, but even the no-frills ones were… *eh*. So I accept that I’m picky, but I also put it to you that very often we’re served up crap products but are expected to just fall in love with one over another even though they all do the same thing.

I can’t recall where, when or who, but I had a conversation with someone once about the concept (whose I also can’t recall and Google isn’t helping) of there being perfect items somewhere in the universe. Such as a perfect cat or a perfect chair and all other cats or chairs are imperfect reflections of that item. So where’s my friggin’ perfect teakettle then? And add to it my perfect tv, perfect suit and maybe a perfect knife set just for kicks.

Headin’ out for dinner and dancing tonight for Michael and his bf’s combined birthdays and looking forward to that, though I have no idea what to wear. It’s been ages since I’ve been out and with all the winter weight I think I’m going to just feel old and out of style. But still, a night out is a night out!

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