what I won’t miss: elevators

elevator broken… again.

These will be some quickie entries in a series about the less tangible parts of my move. The packing and the apartment hunting and all the things I’ve had to actually do are sometimes worthy of an entire entry, but these are just snippets. Sort of a pro/con list but mostly in pictures.

This should be pretty easy to guess for anyone that’s been reading or chatted with me. I will not miss these elevators. I currently* live on the top floor of a 7 story building and most of the time it seems that the elevators are in service when I leave in the morning or evening to go down, but when I come home from work or a night out…? At some point while I was away, they broke down… again. Normally this isn’t an issue, but when I get caught in a “should have gone before I left” moment, 7 flights of stairs are the equivalent of a horror movie marathon on the bladder.

The Kenesaw - The House With All Front Rooms

It’s hard to say whether this should be expected or not. My building is over 100 years old–it has a mention in the National Building Museum. And I have no idea how old or young the elevators are, but they don’t look to have changed since I’ve been visiting or living in the building. They have their quirks, which most residents are aware of** and we’re usually lucky enough not to have both go down at the same time, but it’s still a pain in the ass. And because the building is old, it often takes a long time to fix either car, usually involving many replacement parts.

So evil, stalled-out, non-functioning elevators? I ain’t missin’ you at all… missin’ you… :mrgreen:

* Well, for the next two weeks or so, anyway.

** One of those quirks is that calling for “up” from the first floor will bring a car, but the car’s signal indicates that it’s going “down”. And it will continue to travel from the first floor to basement level repeatedly unless you get on the car and press a call button for a higher floor. Fun!

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  1. A says:

    Better to go up the stairs with a full bladder than be stuck inside the elevator with a full bladder. In any event, yes…old, finicky elevators do indeed suck.
    .-= latest entry: Your Soul is Showing =-.

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