moving: closet zero

16th & Irving NW: Closet Zero

Wow. As I said on brightkite, I honestly never thought I would get to this point. My closet–after coming out of it–ended up being a catch all for just about everything else that doesn’t normally see the light of day. I’d already gone through one clothes purge, but even so it seemed like I’d never manage to get all of the remaining items packed away. I can’t even recall how I got them here the last time, but I know that it wasn’t a “wardrobe box” and in any case, the number has grown significantly while I’ve lived here.

One fun thing was trying on old pairs of jeans that I’d given up on and finding out that some still fit, or I should say fit again.* Also good was finding quite a few items that I am not really all that proud of, many of those finding their way to either a donation pile… or the trash. And speaking of trash, thanks to this online idea, I managed to pack up all the clothes I had left over.

I am still a little anxious about the big move. I’ve been assured that this company is totally professional, but it’s more that I’m ready to have it all done. I admit that I’m not completely packed, but I refuse to have the movers show up and I’m still putting things in boxes. Even so, I’ve found that I can’t just pack nonstop, I need mental breaks from time to time. Whether that’s watching a few mins of TV or checking in with Facebook and twitter.

I am so grateful for the friends that have come over to help or those that made me take a break from it to relax, but now it’s crunch time… and I should get back to it. I hope everyone’s had a good weekend. :mrgreen:

* That’s right, props to my smaller–yet still rather fabulous–ass!

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  1. A says:

    Good luck with the move! And yes, wardrobe boxes have saved my life on more than one occasion…
    .-= latest entry: Get on your bikes and ride =-.

  2. Patrick says:

    If I only discovered wardrobe boxes before my move back in November. Good luck with yours!
    .-= latest entry: The Single Life: Looking For That Second Ticket =-.

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