photo: and behold, another day begins*

10/12 Sunrise - 4

I must have been crazy, but as my body didn’t want to sleep in yesterday morning, I decided to spend a little quality time on my building’s roof deck and greet the sun. I had on layers, I had hot coffee, I still froze my butt off. But it was totally worth it… I just won’t be doing it again anytime soon.**

After about two weeks being out of the old place, I’m finally surrendering my keys this afternoon. The sun really is setting on the old apartment. I admit that while I’m starting to feel “moved in” it has felt like there’s a little ethereal tether keeping me connected to 16th & Irving. It doesn’t have quite the baggage of a past relationship, even though it certainly housed a few, but it’s palpable to be sure.

More than anything, I’ve found myself missing the familiar walks and haunts. Now I’ve got different bus lines, different places to eat and drink. Except for the Starbucks, they’re now as stable and reliable as the Four Syrups of IHOP. And the CVS. You start to feel a little weird in DC if you walk too far and don’t see either one.

Still, new frontiers, new experiences, it’s all good. :mrgreen:

* With apologies to Bubble.

** Unless it’s getting me laid. Seriously, that is pretty much the only reason a guy will agree watch a sunrise or sunset with you. Especially the sunrise.

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  1. Kris says:

    Beautiful pic 🙂 Thanks for freezing your ass of for it.

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