weekend wrap-up: bake sale!

I was tagged in 6 Facebook photos following this weekend. I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me! And rather than bore you in one long post about the weekend, it’s only fitting that I instead bore you in a few smaller ones!


It all began on on Saturday morning with the DC Food Bloggers Spooktacular Bake Sale. In the previous evening’s preparation to make sure that I got enough sleep, I actually got too much sleep and wasn’t able to make it early like I’d planned. But even though I wasn’t there, some of my readers and friends made it there well before me and picked up some baked goods. I’m sorry I missed some of you!

The last time I was staffing a booth was the sci-fi table at Pride a few years back, and lemme tell you, baked goods can pull in a crowd just as easily as a tank top and short-shorts can bring in the geeks. There’s a full recap over at Adventures in Shaw, but it was a lot of fun. I met some nice food bloggers, brushed off my sales (and sugar pusher) skills, and we even had a visit from Warren Brown of Cakelove fame.

I’m totally swiping her slideshow:

Thank you to everyone that came by and bought goodies, thank you to my friends that stopped by for moral support, i.e. standing around snacking on purchased goods and making yummy sounds. It was definitely a step above your average bake sale, because questions ranging from “what’s in those?” or “how did you make these?” to even “what are your 5 favorite places to eat in DC?” were answered completely and thoroughly. We were told that our items were underpriced and encouraged to do this again. I’ve started brainstorming some fun ideas for local foodies that would mesh well in a farmers market setting.


Thanks to the efforts of: Macheesmo, Modern Domestic, Arugula Files, State Dinner, Karen Makes Sense, Thrifty DC Cook, French Twist DC, Adventures in Shaw, Gradually Greener, Capital Cooking, Mango & Tomato, Stop the POTA and me, we sold out of all our wares and raised over $500 for Martha’s Table.

And when everything was broken down and we all said our goodbyes, we grabbed Mazzie, James and Vincent and went to eat! dc noodles, across the street, was the perfect spot to warm up with some Thai dishes and lots of laughs.

Check out some of the above food blogs for recaps and recipes and while this is hardly an announcement worthy of fanfare, here it is: I’m creating a spin-off blog just for the food. Photos, recipes, restaurant outings, etc. This blog, eclectic as it is, can hardly be called a “food blog” so I’ve added a new site to http://food.urbanbohemian.com. There’s nothing there yet and I don’t even have a proper title for it–suggestions welcome, but once the content starts filing in, I’ll let you all know. :mrgreen:

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  1. Herb says:

    I was there about 9:15ish thus missed you. The treats were quite delish–congrats to you and the others for pulling this off. It was a nice addition to the 14th and U Farmer’s Market.
    .-= latest entry: The Day After Halloween 13th St Style (My Annual Nov. 1 Post) =-.

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