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“Too much drama. Sorry.”

I said I was going to write about this, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you! I’d like to say that this is a rarity and not the norm, but… boys are dumb.


weekend wrap-up: Halloween!

The past few years I’ve been going into Halloween with no real plans, but seeing what comes of the evening. I don’t do costumes unless I’ve been invited to a costume party and I really don’t enjoy going out to...


R U Hlr?*

Considering the recent efforts by our office’s internal network security wonks to make sure that we are completely focused on our jobs and not clicking on anything unproductive, it seems ill-fated to write about games from the workplace**. However it’s...


“…restore the integrity of the game.”

Releasing a report that links some of baseball’s best to the use of performance-enhancing substances, former Sen. George Mitchell said Thursday it is critical that Major League Baseball restore the integrity of the game. — CNN: Clemens, Pettitte named in...


Facebook Overload

Ok, maybe it might be time to see what, if anything, Facebook really has to offer us. 23 invitations for various applications on the site. Enough, people! Thanks for thinking of me, and considering some of the invites, thinking of...


Office Inanity

We all deal with some pretty friggin’ petty things at our workplace, but for some reason this just irks me. I’m a contractor, so generally we get the leftovers when it comes to in-house supplies, including computer speakers, phones and.....


why it DOES bug me.

…when someone you consider a friend says “I don’t want to read about you. You bore me. You disgust me. You don’t interest me. We share nothing in common. I dislike your opinions.” It goes right to our hearts and...

why do I do this to myself?

I am a geek. I am a Fan. I volunteered to help maintain the website for a group/network of gay/lesbian sci-fi fans because, at the time it seemed like a good idea, and I was told that the previous webmaster...