weekend wrap-up: on the 7th day

Compared to Saturday, Sunday was actually pretty tame. I didn’t get to bed until late the previous night, so I slept right on through the time change, though the change in light outside was pretty easy to notice.


In an attempt to be social, I headed out to meet some friends at Nellie’s for food, booze and… football. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a completely sports-hating geek; but sitting around in a room full of “is he or isn’t he” guys with about 8 football games on tv screens all around us while buckets of beer keep coming to the table really isn’t my idea of all that fun a time. The above photo reveals my enthusiasm when the Jenga game got whipped out. 🙂

A big factor of it was that for me to keep enjoying things, I would have needed to be a little more toasty and frankly, their “full table service” room sucked. It was far too crowded and staffed by only one server taking orders and refills. I’m not a beer person anyway–and when you have 9 people, ordering buckets of beer with only 5 bottles with slow service, it won’t end well. This is not a “review” of the bar, I’ve been there many times with friendly and fast service, but this was an instance where they really needed to pull in more staff.


After a few cocktails and a few Jenga falls, I made my way home. It was a pretty dreary day out anyway, so being out and about wasn’t very enticing and from checking twitter, I realized I was missing out on a V marathon on SyFy. I remember watching V back in the day with my family and it was amazing for 1983-84. It had some great cliffhangers and moments that freaked my shit out.

But watching those same mini-series in 2009, on the other hand? Oh it was just begging for the MST3K treatment. While I’m sure that I made some of my followers on twitter hate me, we had a good bunch of folks that were trashing the series in real-time and it was hilarious. From sci-fi tropes to the tightness of Marc Singer’s jeans, nothing was left alone. And it turns out that over 8 hours of V is just the thing to get a body tired enough to deal with the impending time change difficulties of the following morning.

A quiet end to a fun weekend. I’m getting the hang of living in the new place and still making it around town to fun spots. It seems that we’re finally in for some steady colder weather, so I’ll probably make the change towards nesting soon enough, but best enjoy these in-between days while they last. :mrgreen:

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