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Vacuum sealed for... freshness?

Look on my vacuum-sealed works, ye mighty, and despair!

The exterminator came for the first of two visits yesterday and he could not have been more friendly and professional. Mostly the prep and eradication methods I’d done had helped a lot, and as you can see above, all of my clothes were “bagged” up. That’s after a hot wash and drying and I might put some outside on the balcony when it gets chilly out, but I’m pretty convinced that there aren’t any more little bugs in the clothes, it’s just the bedroom I’m worried about.

But as much as I laughed and scoffed at the Space Bags commercials, my eyes have seen the light. I did have one where the seal didn’t quite stay on and my ill-thought packing caused the bag to develop a small puncture, but that was one out of over a dozen. From what I’ve seen online, if they manage to keep a seal, they’re golden. Even so, these don’t need to be permanent for me, though I am impressed at how easily 100 t-shirts compressed down to the size of nuthin’.

Rain-speckled windows. An ok trade off for this crappy day.

Thanks again to the supportive friends who haven’t shied away from hanging out with me during this whole ordeal. My state of mind is a lot better, at least until I have to go shopping for a new bed* and couch and chair for the living room. Though with the latter stuff, I yanked the furniture tags off the bottom** and they were purchased in 2000. Yeah, it’s time for some replacements. I’m open to suggestions for some smaller footprint living room furniture! I hate interior decorating.***

TGIF everyone! It’s been a crappy few days in DC, weather-wise, but hopefully it’s looking up this weekend!****

* IKEA, anyone? I know which bed I want, but might need a little help bringing it home. I pay manual labor with food and booze. Just sayin’.

** Finally. I’m sure the authorities are on their way as I type.

*** And yet they still let me claim membership as a card-carrying homosexual. Who knew?

**** Seriously, IKEA trip… anyone? 😉

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4 Responses

  1. sara says:

    It’s a good thing you don’t have cats. Our space bags were destroyed in a matter of minutes after we moved. Minutes! They were still pretty cool.
    .-= latest entry: oooo… robot with mega laser eyes.mdt: exergian: inspired… =-.

  2. Esprix says:

    Well I *do* have a pickup truck, and we *do* like Ikea, and we *may* be coming up to DC sometime soon…
    .-= latest entry: Snarky Love(tm) =-.

  3. Can you pick up a bulb for me? I got a reading lamp back in September, but picked up the wrong type bulb.

  4. Space bags are amazing. I used them to pack for spending five months in Australia and there’s no way I could’ve done it otherwise.
    .-= latest entry: “Did we just become best friends?” =-.

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