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John’s Switch

Makes some good points. 🙂

A guy named John Bender talks about his move from the US to Canada.

I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1975.
I moved to Canada in 1996.
People are very nice here, very generous, very compassionate.
I met my wife here and she’s wonderful.
Canada was voted the number one country in which to live by
the United Nations for seven years in a row.
Canada’s money doesn’t stink.
U.S. money, the green stuff, it stinks.
I mean literally smells.
I don’t know what it is.
It’s like the material is designed to absorb sweat.
My credit history?
Clean Slate.
Patriotism is the rohypnol of the American public.
You don’t need the government to be telling you
“Oh if you’re against us then you’re anti-American.”
No, the American public is doing it just fine.
George Bush, he’s a monkey.
On many occasions I’ve heard someone say
“If you don’t love the United States of America then get the hell out.”
I did.
I’d never go back.
I like Canada way too much.
My name is John and I am a Canadian.

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