ads: Bury my face…

It always amazes me the kinds of ads that show up in the late night hours. I was watching last night’s Look Around You from Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” time slot and at the end of the program were the usual random bumps, movie & video game ads and of course the party line chat ads. But the following ad for Axe Shampoo as part of their Hair Action campaign… I’m not sure it strikes quite the right note with their targeted demographic:

I won’t get into the implied act, there are plenty of entries on Urban Dictionary to help you out. A quick look around the net showed that it isn’t going over like gangbusters, but people are definitely zeroing in on the innuendo.

Just as a note, if you want a clever ad showing that your non-cologne product makes the user smell irresistible–this Old Spice ad from Wieden+Kennedy is how you do it right…

Yeah, I can’t believe I’ve gone that long without posting this ad either. LOVE IT! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    “I’m on a horse.” Classic! (And he kind of reminds me of you!)

    And maybe the guy in the first clip is a BOB?
    .-= latest entry: Will wonders never cease? =-.

    • urb says:

      Yeah, the guy didn’t really show much resistance in being bent over the counter. I think the fact that it was a woman doing it was pretty incidental.

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