Lunch at Bourbon Steak DC

Ever since the amazing dinner at Bourbon Steak DC, there was no question that I’d be back, but it’s not the kind of place one can visit every day. Still, when a friend was celebrating a birthday with a Four Seasons spa day and lunch to follow, I couldn’t resist joining.

This post won’t be about the meal, though I could go on about it at length. My dining companions were so relaxed and blissed out from the spa, and I so enjoyed the chance to ignore my troubles for a while that we ended up spending over 3 hours eating, drinking and enjoying their amazing service. No, this post is more about patting myself on the back. I’ve been working on my photography skills, especially food photography and I think I managed to take some great shots during lunch. I don’t have a DSLR yet, but my little point & shoot still manages to take a good photo from time to time.

As in my previous visit, the food was delicious and the service incredible. I’m not kidding about that 3-hour “lunch” but at no time did they ever make us feel rushed. The gorgeous weather and amazing sunshine gave us plenty of light and opportunity to capture our meals. I added what I think are my best three shots from that afternoon to this post: their New York Strip Burger, a lovely tower of Onion Rings and their exquisitely deconstructed Tiramisu.

My full set of lunch photos is on flickr including an amusing behind-the-scenes shot that showcases us for the “beautiful photo nerds” that we are. If you have a chance to pop over to Georgetown while the weather is still Spring-like–which won’t last long in DC–it should definitely go on your to-do list.

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