in DC: “Single Ladies” flash dance

After posting about next month’s Beyoncé flash dance/workout yesterday, I discovered that DC will have its own Beyoncé-related flash dance of “Single Ladies” in honor of International Dance Day tomorrow, Friday, April 29th.

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than by shaking a tail feather for fun! As a certified Beyoncéholic, I’m asking fellow Beyoncé lovers to join me in what I hope to be the largest gathering of flashmob dancers in a performance of “Single Ladies”! You don’t have to be a trained dancer, this is all in good fun.

They’ve posted the dance tutorial and though it might be a little late to do the entire dance along with them, they do invite those who haven’t attended rehearsals to perform the chorus. The Flash Dance will take place tomorrow night on the National Mall at 7pm.

Update: They did the deed, apparently they couldn’t talk about the location because even though they applied for a permit for a “very cool and historic location” I’m guessing it didn’t get approved.!/GlamGirlGoblog/status/64528888574902272

As much I love blogging about stuff in DC, even I wasn’t up to chasing a mysterious gaggle of women in heels around DC.* I realize the irony of wanting to know ahead of time where a flash mob would take place, but this is DC on a Friday evening. It would be hard to determine where you’d find a crowd of anyone–locals or tourists–gathering. Still, they got a few videos out of it and looks like they had a great time! :mrgreen:

* Seriously, it looks like they danced on metro and in multiple locations downtown. After a week of work, that would not have been very relaxing and my dogs were already barking.

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2 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    I am SO going!

    • Glamgirlgo says:

      Location change!!!!! DCFlashDance will now meet at Jordin's Paradise, 1121 7th Street, NW, Washington DC 20001, Tel: (202) 997-8211on April 29th, 6:45pm INSTEAD of Smithsonian metro

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