video: Choccy Philly?

I am not a chocaholic. I like chocolate, but confronted with a Golden Ticket and the resulting lifetime supply of chocolate, I’d still be a little, “Eh.” My partner, however, is and even he balked at Philadelphia’s newest product which combines their light cream cheese spread with chocolate–Cadbury in the UK, Milka in other European countries.

The main reason this caught my attention was that the current ad blitz, starting today in the UK, features Jennifer Saunders (of Absolutely Fabulous fame) as an outspoken opponent of the new idea. “Choccy Philly? Don’t Be Silly!” shows her ranting on the street to any passerby that will listen about this new abominable “mashup”.

Chocolate. And. Cheese. I can feel my throat closing up just having to say those words.

I don’t know if Kraft has an American chocolate brand they plan to partner with to bring this here, but I doubt they could get away with the same style of ad. Hell, we’ll spread just about anything on anything and eat it so this reverse psychology tactic probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

Still, I’ve made plenty of chocolate cheesecakes, so why not chocolate cream cheese? Probably go great with granny apple slices… because naturally the first thing one thinks about to have with chocolate is fruit. TGIF, y’all! :mrgreen:

Update: There is now a second ad where Jennifer takes it upon herself to taste the offending spread to prove how disgusting it is…

…I’ll have to finish this now.

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  1. Michael says:

    Well Hershey has a license to make and sell Cadbury items here, maybe they’ll be considering a partnership?

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